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    LED Jellyfish Lamp nightlight

    Introducing the LED Jellyfish Lamp, the perfect addition to your home or office. This stylish lamp features six to ten LED induction lights in a beautiful aquarium tank, surrounded by gentle and calming jellyfish that move as if they were in the ocean. The soft lighting encourages relaxation and stress relief, making it an ideal choice for busy professionals trying to de-stress after long days of work or studying. A remote control allows you to choose between colorful effects or keep it simple with shades of blue, green, yellow and more. Plus, motion sensors detect movement up to three meters away for added convenience. In addition, an efficient USB connection means no need for charging. Get ready to immerse yourself into a stunning illuminated underwater world with the LED Jellyfish Lamp!



    Type: LED modeling light
    Product Voltage: DC5 (V)
    Product Current: 150mA
    Product Power: 0.75 (W)
    Product Frequency: 50/60 (Hz)
    Product Accessories: jellyfishes × 2 + USB cable × 1 + English manual(Big Lamp with 3 jellyfishes)
    Input Voltage/current: DV5C/500mA
    Product Material: ABS+ Acrylic
    Power Supply Mode: USB cable connection / 4 AAA batteries (Not Include)
    Remote Control: without button battery

    Small Size: 107x107x300mm
    Large Size: 140x140x350mm
    Small: 500g
    Large: 900g
    Life: 10000000 (H)
    Protection level: IP65
    Scope of use: Decorative lights
    Light color: Colorful
    Power: 2.5w (W)

    Package Includes:
    1 * LED Jellyfish Lamp (Not include Battery)
    1 * USB Cable
    1 * Remote Control(Option, Not include Battery)
    1 * User Manual